You know you
should be doing
search engine
optimization but
you feel intimidated...

Maybe you feel confused about how to get started with SEO.

I get it! Most of the SEO stuff out there is super intimidating.

You need an easy first step!

If you want more clients from Google, YouTube, Etsy or Pinterest,
the magic is in choosing the right keywords. 
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The Big Secret the SEO Hackers
Don't Want You to Know...
You Don't Need Expensive Software, Coding Knowledge or Tons of Time to Be Good at Keyword SEO
  Get Instant Access To The Simple SEO Keyword Toolkit for only $75
 Once You Discover The Keyword Secrets You'll Be Able To Use Your Keyword Strategy To Rank Easily In Any Search Engine, Any Time You Need To

 Workshop One
Keyword Strategy 101

  • You'll learn the SEVEN different types of keywords... most SEO experts only teach two, so you will already be ahead of your competition.
  • Local, Online, eCommerce? You'll discover how to easily choose the right keywords for your business type!
  • By the end of this training, you'll have identified the untapped keyword audiences that you are probably missing right now.

Value: $100

 Workshop TWO
Keyword worksheet walkthrough

  • If you've ever felt paralyzed and confused when it comes to keywords and SEO you are going to get unstuck immediately in this training.
  • ​I walk you through exactly how to find your keywords and organize them into a spreadsheet.
  • ​By the end of this video, you’ll have 50-300 perfect keywords to attract your ideal clients.

Value: $100

 Workshop Three
Where to Put Your Keywords

  • So now you have your 50-300 perfect keywords... what do you do with them?
  • ​This training will teach you how keywords are used on your website and elsewhere in order to attract clients.
  • ​You'll be ready to start dropping your keywords into your website, Pinterest, YouTube, Etsy, podcasts and beyond.

Value: $100


  • Keyword Worksheet: This four tab spreadsheet will make brainstorming and organizing your keywords a piece of cake.
  • ​SEO Secrets for Entrepreneurs Workshop: In this training you'll learn the Priority Ranking Pyramid which will show you exactly how to optimize your website to rank on Google.
  • Priority Ranking Checklist: with this handy cheatsheet you'll stay organized as you SEO your website step by step.

Value: $150

Total Value: $450
Get Instant Access to
Keyword Toolkit for Only $75

  Get Instant Access To The Simple SEO Keyword Toolkit for Just $75
Can You Really Rank in Search if Are New to SEO?
My students have improved their ranking and increased their leads just by following my simple SEO frameworks. Check out their amazing results!
Shawna McLaggan
San Francisco, CA

RANKING #1, #2 & #3 for her primary keyword!
Sabine Le Boulicaut
Dublin, Ireland

RANKING in the top 3 for her 3 primary keywords!
Jen Laird & Alise McAllister
Seattle, WA

RANKING in the top 5 for their 3 primary keywords!
PS: If you're not sure what these rankings mean. #1 means the TOP of PAGE 1 of search results for that keyword.
And, yes, many of my students rank in MULTIPLE places of the top 10!
Megan Malone-Franklin
Long Beach, CA

Made it to the TOP TEN for THIRTY of her primary keywords in Southern CA!
Kate Tyo
Evanston, IL

RANKING #1 #2 & #3 for her primary keyword!
Kim Hawley
Washington, DC

RANKING in the top 2 for her 2 primary keywords!
Jennifer Mayer
Brooklyn, NY

RANKING in the top 3 for her two primary keywords!
Rachel O'Brien
Sudbry, MA

RANKING in 8 of top 10 positions for her primary keyword!
My Name is Emily Fontes, and I've Been Obsessed with SEO for 20 Years
If SEO makes you feel frustrated, I've got you! Making it feel easy for DIY entrepreneurs is my gift. If you've been looking for SEO help and feeling like the stuff out there is intimidating, you're not alone.

I'm the first to admit the SEO community is weird. There is a lot of "bro" energy. A lot of black-hat, hacker weirdness. A lot of ego.

I don't hang out in those circles for a reason... I think there is a better, more intuitive, less confusing way. Doing practical SEO for myself and my clients for 20 years has kept my skills sharp and my bullshit radar finely tuned. You will never get confusing, out-dated or spammy SEO advice from me! And I promise to make it simple.
ORDER the Simple SEO Keyword Toolkit JUST $75
  Get Instant Access To The Simple SEO Keyword Toolkit
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